Agile Transformation

Training. Coaching. Scaling.


RESTRAT® delivers a tailored comprehensive solution for implementing and scaling Agile. We transform the way organizations enable and manage agile productivity across their enterprise, portfolios, programs, and teams by aligning business strategy with technical execution.

Our Agile Consultants and Coaches have worked in various business settings to help companies and their delivery groups successfully adopt agile methods. Take advantage of RESTRAT® Agile Coaching and Consulting to navigate challenges with experts at your side. Gain the collective wisdom of our consultants who will discuss and brainstorm tailored solutions to your company’s real-world situations.


The right priorities delivered via a simplified, collaborative and scalable framework. Your strategy becomes a purposeful action plan.


Your tools optimized and utilized to tell the story that aligns management and teams on the mission, objectives and progress.


Your teams trained, coached and equipped to embark on an engaging and innovative quest to achieve business and professional growth. Ready to adapt.


Your products shipped faster, frequently and aligned with the market. Their development and delivery simplified and understood across the organization. 


Agile Workshops


RESTRAT® Agile Workshops are in essence a pragmatic approach to Agile implementation, addressing the real challenges of sprinting with Scrum for teams and organizations alike. Bringing it home and helping you succeed with Agile.

Our Agile coaches help accelerate teams past the tricky parts that even the best training cannot prepare you for. We go the extra mile to lead where necessary, and then to support the team as they gain momentum and start moving in the right direction. Balancing coaching capabilities with mentoring, teaching and facilitating, RESTRAT® coaches transform talented individuals into a driven Agile team.


An introduction to Agile and Scrum with the purpose of establishing a common understanding, language and expectations for adopting and rolling with Scrum. Provides a fast track path to understanding Agile and Scrum with its fundamental concepts and jargon, and prepares the participants to effectively be part of or to interact with Scrum teams.


Addresses common Scrum challenges with stakeholders, early lockdown of scope/schedule/cost, cross functional teams and teamwork , sprinting, Product Backlog grooming and estimations, managing risks, lack of automation, fitting in Project Managers, firefighting, documentation and sprint lengths.


Covers all the important topics for Agile and Scrum planning from estimating to iteration planning to release planning: story points and ideal days, how to produce fixed-date, fixed-scope, and fixed-price plans with confidence, and how to avoid anchoring and other common pitfalls.


Deals with the real aspects for turning User Stories writing into an effective practice for your Scrum delivery: What User Stories really are, Roles and Personas, Story Mapping, Elaboration and forming a coherent Definition of Done, Splitting stories and overcoming other common challenges.


Business Agility

Scaling Agile to The Enterprise


RESTRAT® coaches work with you to establish a repeatable pattern for integrating additional Agile teams, helping you grow and mature as an Agile organization. We offer a tailored Agile Transformation solution with training, workshops, consulting and organizational change management to provide the supporting structure that makes Agile at scale a reality.

Scaled Agile frameworks like SAFe or LeSS provide a starting point and our experienced consultants make them work in the real world. We help you avoid the failure patterns we’ve seen repeatedly in scaled agile adoptions. Even when starting with a scaled agile framework, there are some better practices to adopt and some are best made by you, as an expert in your own business. We will help you sort out those decisions with minimal risk.


Business Agility is about “embracing complexity” versus “trying to control the uncontrollable”. It’s about letting go of control, about trusting and about customer-focus using radical transparency to show results and obtain frequent feedback. It is about enablement and setting people for success, so to unleash the potential of your organization. It goes back to Eli Goldratt's book, The Goal: Can we match our capacity to our throughput in a way that is meaningful, as compared to trying to burden people with overwork and having low-quality outcomes?


Wherever you're starting from, realize that your effort to scale agile needs to be agile itself. Choose a framework that will start you on the right path, and adjust it as business needs evolve and new insights emerge, but not so much that it's no longer recognizable as agile. That is to say, scaling the practices of Agility across multiples teams. 


Senior Management drives strategy and direction and as the senior leadership champions agile culture for the whole organization. A transparent culture surfaces issues without fear of retaliation and does that in a timely manner so the right solution can be formed faster and keeping teams moving forward.


Scaling Agile successfully relies on three common traits: An iterative program with build-measure-learn cycles already utilized at the teams level; Open cross communication between organizational silos similar to the Agile ceremonies conducted at the teams level where context is shared constantly; Frequent releases guaranteeing a constant visibility of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or value and ensuring a timely and frequent feedback.


The ultimate goal is to go both across and up an organization to form a fully Agile organization. We witnessed that organizations need something beyond scaling frameworks like SAFe or LeSS, which are essentially operating in the Product or Platform space to ensure Agile teams doing the right work and are fully integrated.


The other two types of scaling Agile involve scaling the concepts of Agility across (Horizontal) and up through (Vertical) an organization. We recognized that though sometimes it’s a challenge to do Scrum per se outside software, organizations can utilize the Agile mindset and Lean thinking. 


Scaling Agility horizontally across the organization is mostly about processes and how to implement the concepts of Agility in different business segments of the organization so that the business as a whole is agile and in sync when approaching business issues. Scaling Agility vertically up the chain of command has to do mostly with people and often has less with projects’ execution and more with the coordination across different groups and corporate governance.


Project Management Advisory


RESTRAT® Project Management services help organizations lacking skilled project and program resources. You can engage us from project initiation to completion, or with troubled projects that are missing milestones or lacking momentum.

We can take on the project management of a project or a program, a number of its workstreams or assist the current Project and Program Managers with the management of their projects, providing required guidance and advices.

Our Client-ready, Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) are at your service to ensure a smooth delivery of your projects. Contact us and we will deploy project management consultants to get your project back on track. Making Customer Success a reality.


Project management practices influence more than individual projects - they affect the overall health of a company’s project portfolio and the ability to advance its overall strategy. We assist organizations in doing the right projects right – those projects with strategic alignment that make the best use of your organization’s time, talent, effort, and budget. 


We help develop and improve your project management (PM) and project portfolio management (PPM) framework, allowing you to prioritize and execute strategic projects that will deliver tangible, sustainable benefits.


We blend professional project management with change management best practices to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget, and address the human factors and culture critical to adoption and sustainability. Ensuring Speed-to-market without sacrificing quality.

We utilize continuous improvement methodologies, such as Lean and Six Sigma, combined with change management approaches to achieve stakeholders buy-in. With engaged stakeholders, the new or refined business processes are clearly defined and sustainably applied throughout your organization.

Clients Engage Us To

  • Perform agile readiness assessments and gap analysis

  • Assess, measure and track Agile maturity

  • Validate team and organizational structures

  • Plan agile adoption for small groups.

  • Prepare for on-site agile ceremonies.

  • Select, launch and evaluate pilot projects

  • Plan, guide and co-facilitate team, program and portfolio ceremonies.

  • Improve Agile practices and collaboration for individuals, teams and programs.

  • Mentor team leaders in facilitation and servant leadership.

  • Select and deploy Scaled Agile frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale)

  • Configure and optimize tools and platforms to better align strategy with execution.

  • Coach on Agile technical practices.

  • Deliver custom Agile training courses and workshops.


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  • Telecommunication

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  • Retail & Ecommerce

  • Manufacturing

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